The Cobbler's Shoes

There's an old adage that the Cobbler's shoes are always worn because of working all day fixing the shoes of others. We have found this past year to be a great example of the truth of this. Our own web presence and marketing has been stagnant, but we have done a lot of exciting of work for a lot of great customers over the last 12 months.

One of our projects was named by Time as one of their top 25 blogs. The Desmogblog is a project we are very proud and excited about helping with. Jim Hoggan, Brendan DeMelle and their team of writers are doing amazing research exposing the machinations of those who would continue to take us down the road to an even bigger problem with our climate.

Greenpeace USA asked us to build them a platform to manage 150 community websites and a hub site as the infrastructure for their national Quit Coal campaign. Implemented in Drupal and Aegir, is now live and growing.

The Rockefeller Family Fund needed a new website that reflected the four areas of philanthropic activity they engage in. We worked closely with them to design their new web presence at

For the last four years we have worked with the Lefebvre Foundation to establish and grow a web presence for the Stonehouse Standing Circle. This year we helped them expand their activities by building a platform for them to collaborate with 500 or more companies, universities and non-profits around the world in an effort to help the theory of change match with the reality of work on the ground. This platform is the Climate Access Portal.

We helped Greenpeace USA poke fun at the the cozy relationship between politicians and polluters via our Valentines Day redesign of the Polluter Harmony satirical website. We also continued our work with Greenpeace USA to help them evolve their more serious Polluter Tracking platform at Polluter Watch. This one is going to get a lot of attention going forward as we build new features.

In April we built and executed the Project Democracy campaign for strategic voting in the Canadian Federal Election. We achieved 5M visits in the three weeks prior to the election and hopefully helped influence voters to consider vote splitting when choosing their candidate. This past election was a sea change and our accuracy of predictions fell to 87 percent from 98.4 percent in 2008. This leads us to rethink the strategy but rest assured Project Democracy will continue to speak out about the issue of cooperation among the centre-left parties in Canada.

We built a video contest platform for Air New Zealand called The Coldest Canadian. This was exciting and fun and drew a lot if interest from Canadians all across the country.

We also continued to help existing customers evolve their web and social media strategies. It is a privilege to work with all of our customers. In 2012 we look forward to continuing to serve our customers, meeting new customers and taking on new challenges, and to finally launching our own redesigned website and getting more engaged in our professional community.

Thanks to everyone,

The Catalyst Internet Team.