NationBuilder for Business? Absolutely.

Our client Brinkman and Associates have been recruiting treeplanters for thirty years. Collectively the Brinkman treeplanters have planted over a billion trees. That's right. A billion trees. This is a major accomplishment and there is a huge community of people who have shared this exprience. That's what got me thinking. These people are a community with shared experiences and many stories to tell. There is also an accumulation of knowledge about treeplanting as both a skill and a competitive undertaking. Why not NationBuilder?

The major functions of the Planting the Planet website are to provide an application conduit for treeplanters and keep the treeplanting community up-to-date on developments. To do this well there are a number of major functional requirements to be considered. NationBuilder solves all of these challenges with its highly integrated platform. The CRM is ideal for maintaining records of all applicats over the years. The social media integration and mobile first design suits the digital generation. The built-in communications capabilities make it easy to stay in touch with the community. The forms handling and custom field support makes it easy to gather the information required from applicants. The CMS makes it easy to build out resirces for the planting community.

Over time we also hope to make the Planting the Planet site into a repository for community-based knowledge and even a major silviculture knowledgebase that shares Brinkman's more than three decades of experience.