We Speak NationBuilder - in multiple languages!

Recently we worked with NDP leadership candidate Nathan Cullen's campaign to launch the first truly bi-lingual implementation of NationBuilder. That's the hot new campaign management tool that is gaining momentum and today announced a 6.25M investment from Andreessen Horowitz.

NationBuilder is great for people, organizations and campaigns that need to build support and keep it. It is a full-featured CRM and much more. E-mail blasting, fundraising, social media - all these features are integrated into a single engine that keeps track and empowers your activist team.

We can provide you with a full range of services related to NationBuilder including:

  • Evaluation - Is NationBuilder right for you and your organization? Let us help you evaluate the product and make a decision.
  • Theming - We make NationBuilder beautiful and fluid for your growing community. We make online spaces people want to spend time in and find easy to comprehend and use.
  • Multilingual support - We know how to create multilingual instances of Nationbuilder so you can operate in all the languages your audience requires.
  • Integration - Do you already have a large investment in your website but you want to leverage NationBuilder's awesome power? We know how to integrate NationBuilder with your existing website.

We do much more as well including custom scripting and making NationBuilder do things it doesn't necesarily do out of the box.

Most of all, with 20 years experience campaigning and supporting not-for-profit organizations we understand WHY you want to use NationBuilder, and we'll make sure it is implemented in a way that matches your specific needs.

Please get in touch if you would like us to help you get rolling with the hottest new camapaign tool on the market.