our team

Evan Leeson

Evan is an award-winning digital strategist. He leads Catalyst Internet in high-level strategic planning, tactical creativity, technology decisions and more. An activist at heart, Evan's main concern is that Catalyst do good in the marketplace and stay on the cutting edge of both social and technological developments. Evan translates our client's aspirations into concrete results.

Illene Yu

An award-winning print and web design professional, Illene is the one that makes sure we make a good first impression in the early stages of our design projects, and provides a fine-detailed professional finish to everything we do. She's also the one who keeps us connected with the real world in terms of visual communications.

Joseph Lui

Joseph is an accomplished Drupal and NationBuilder theme builder. His creative and inspiring approach to pure CSS and responsiveness keeps our customers at the forefront of SEO and flexible implementation of what users experience on our websites. Without Joseph's skill we would be stuck in cliche. He allows us to take the user interface where it needs to go to succeed.

Sam Lui

Sam is a top-notch website builder who has worked in both development and project management roles. Sam is skilled in responsive design implementation and general Drupal development.

Kevin Grandia

Kevin is an accomplished digital strategist who has collaborated with Catalyst on many, many projects. We think of him as part of the family.

The last 7 years of Kevin’s life has been dedicated to online media and digital communications strategy – using the online world to market ideas and products.