Planting the Planet

Brinkman and Associates treeplanting operations required an updated website for recruiting treeplanters. We suggested NationBuilder for this purpose for a number of reasons. First, Brinkman was not using a CRM to track applicants over the years. Second, we suggested they could use the NationBuilder platform to build a social hub for the planters. Treeplanting is  very much a social and community activity undertaken by the digital generation. WIth its social media integration and solid support for sophisticated sign-up and communications, NationBuilder is a good fit. 

We used NationBuilder's API to pull records and e-mail new applicants directly to Brinkman staf using their existing Outlook system. This means staff had no interruption to their existing hiring workflow during the peak application season. Now the Brinkman treeplanting community will have a permanent, social media connected digital home with and we have plans to grow this site into a busy silviculture hub. is a mobile-first design, made for the digital generation of on-the-go young people.

This is also an example of how NationBuilder can work for business, not just the non-profit, political sector.